G.A. FInocchiaro

G.A. Finocchiaro

What is SCALES?

The Cosmic Scales must always be balanced. Good and evil, positive and negative furies and polarities, all answer to the SCALES and its proprietors, the Fates.

SCALES is an overarching series of books all sharing the same universe. SCALES is a tale of cosmic proportions, spanning realms far and near, items powerful an diverse, and the brightest good opposite the darkest evil.

Each book can be read in order or separate (with exception to individual series). Start with THE KNIGHTMARES or start with THE RAPTOR—it doesn't matter—they are all connected.

SCALES series so far:

The Knightmares
Grace Falls

The Books of Cataclysm Series

The Raptor

I.P.E.A. Database

Discover the current timeline below.

Follow the numerals to decode the established SCALES timeline.
*The timeline has been in flux since the events of 1944.