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G.A. Finocchiaro

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The Omega

AVAILABLE 11/26/21!

The past and present are colliding. Tony's journey back to Grace Falls was paid in blood—a steep price for a long lost key.

As the mystery of the key looms large—a symbol of Tony and Jacinda's relationship—Maynard, an old friend from Tony's past, calls upon the help from a few unlikely allies. Together they must escape the clutches of The Thirteen in search of answers.



The Raptor


The world went mad when Tony lost Jacinda. She was the love of his life, an enigmatic musician he thought he knew everything about—but her dark secrets left him with more questions than answers.

Unravelling the past with his therapist opened cracks inside his wounded heart and mind, unleashing a night full of terrors. Were they real? Was his mind finally coming undone?




BOGEY appears as part of the PASSAGEWAYS Anthology from The Writing Bloc

In 1966, John Monaco came face to face with evil in the jungles of Vietnam. This is his story.

BOGEY serves as a prequel to The Knightmares.


Grace Falls

Grace Falls

Nothing is as it seems in Grace Falls, Pennsylvania.

The town looks and feels like every other small isolated town across America. There are yearly holiday events, family owned businesses, and gossip that never dies—like the demons of its past.

For fans of Lovecraft, Stand by Me, and Stranger Things, this pulse-pounding collection will keep readers turning pages into the night. Visit GRACE FALLS. . . if you dare.




Featured in The Writing Bloc's DECEPTION! Anthology >>

The night Nikki ran away from home, she left under frustrating circumstances. A fight with her parents was the last straw and before midnight, she was gone—not that she had any idea where she was going. However, she may have taken a different path out of town if she had known of the dangers that would find her at the crossroads between Here and There. Read More >>

The Knightmares

The Knightmares

Mike Graves and his pals love burgers, banter, and comic books. They don’t have a care in the world until an evil warlord from another dimension threatens to tear those bonds of friendship apart. Now it’s up to Mike and his best pals to stop it. Read More >>



G.A. Finocchiaro was born and raised in South Jersey. He is a self-described goofball with a taste for bad jokes and good burgers. Finocchiaro currently lives in Philadelphia. The Knightmares is his first novel.

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