G.A. FInocchiaro

G.A. Finocchiaro

What is SCALES?

The Cosmic Scales must always be balanced. Good and evil, positive and negative furies and polarities, all answer to the SCALES and its proprietors, the Fates.

SCALES is a series of books, varied in tone and characters, all sharing the same universe. SCALES is a tale of cosmic proportions, spanning realms far and near, items powerful an diverse, and the brightest good opposite the darkest evil.

SCALES series so far:

The Knightmares
Grace Falls
The Raptor & The Omega

I.P.E.A. Database

What is the I.P.E.A.?
The International Paranormal Extermination Agency is a top secret bilateral shadow agency funded by United Nations. Their mission, to investigate and exterminate all threats to the international security of the planet. Formerly the Patronus Lux, a secret society off-shoot of the Free Masons, founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1752, the Patronus Lux was absorbed into the I.P.E.A. in 1914, when a secret task force was created to prevent the *REDACTED* from obtaining the *REDACTED*.

Current Director
Father John Monaco, Philadelphia Chapter, 1988 - 1999

Current Top Operative
Commander Sylas "Chaos" Ravu, Location UKNOWN

What are you searching for?

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WARNING: These creatures do exist, in this realm or in parallel with our own.