G.A. FInocchiaro

G.A. Finocchiaro

What is SCALES?

The Cosmic Scales must always be balanced. Good and evil, positive and negative furies and polarities, all answer to the SCALES and its proprietors, the Fates.

SCALES is a series of books, varied in tone and characters, all sharing the same universe. SCALES is a tale of cosmic proportions, spanning realms far and near, items powerful an diverse, and the brightest good opposite the darkest evil.

SCALES series so far:

  1. The Knightmares
  2. Quibbles
  3. Grace Falls (in production)
  4. Vexed (writing)


The world at the beginning of time did not start with a giant bang or a cataclysmic event. The world as it is known to those who live upon this dimension of three, started with a single photon of light. A particle so small and so bright, that in the void of nothing and eternal blackness it shone like a radiant beacon professing that where there was nothing, there was now something. That single photon became two, and those two became four, and four became sixteen, and so on and so forth until a great expansion of light had erupted everywhere and across everything, engulfing everything and everywhere that was nothing and nowhere.

When the light had pushed its way to the edge of everything and nothing, it receded softly from whence it came and an object appeared at its epicenter. The object, whose sides and shape were never constant, but varying in ways that could not be comprehended by third dimensional observations, hovered gently in the vastness of existence, waiting. The unique object, the only one of its kind, the Trapezohedron, as it was known by all those who came to know of it and its existence, granted passage from where it came to three cosmic beings from beyond.

Mythology continued, coming soon...